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We have a team of  doctors and National Licensed Nurses who are completely over-qualified for the IV administration business (we’re thankful they like it!). Many have international experience and have worked in large hospitals, all speak English. You can be sure you’re in good hands.

Usually about 30-60 minutes, depending how much fluid is in your Dose, your vein size, and the general state of your health.

We sure do! Groups of five or more receive a 15% discount.

As a general rule we recommend our customers limit themselves to one every three days, however it depends on which treatments your getting and what you are using it for. Please contact us if you would like advice on how to structure an IV regimen to suit your needs.

Getting an IV hurts less than most vaccinations. There is a slight pinch when the needle is inserted (we always try to use the inner arm veins since there are less nerves there), the cannula that is left inside is made from a sterile soft plastic, so you shouldn’t feel much/anything once everything is in place.

People with heart disease or kidney disease should not get IVs administered without first getting permission from a doctor. Diabetics also require special consideration.

Our team will check your vitals and have you fill out a health history form prior to your treatment to help assess whether any medical red flags are present.

e do (subject to availability), please call/WhatsApp for bookings less than two hours in advance

In a nutshell, all appointments must be paid in full before treatments are concluded. We accept credit cards or cash. Bookings of large groups require a deposit to confirm.

If you need to cancel for any reason, we request a minimum of 24 hrs notice. All parties booking a treatment must be over 18 years old (or have a guardian present) and not still be visibly intoxicated. Cancellation once the nurses are at the requested destination will incur a cancellation fee.

Please refer to our Booking & Cancellation Policies page for full details.

Patient safety is our top priority. Before commencing any IVs, patients undergo a routine health check up (blood pressure temperature etc.) by one of our National Licensed Nurses and fill in a health history form. This process ensures anyone who should not receive an IV (e.g., someone with heart disease) is screened out before treatment.

People will drink whether there is an IV around the next day or not. We hope our service will be used after those nights where dinner with friends turns into a multi-bottle of wine affair, or when the wedding champagne and dancing kicked on a little later than planned.

We don’t condone or encourage dangerous levels of drinking, and if patients are still visibly intoxicated at an appointment, rescheduling is required.

We accept cash, local bank transfer and credit cards.